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When do you need help moving

Fireball North America

Fireball North America

Moving? Oh, it’s simple: pack up your stuff in boxes, throw it in a friend’s car, and move it. But is it that easy, too? If it were, moving services would go bankrupt in the first month. Still, they’re only thriving and, after all, moving – a complex matter with many nuances: preparation, purchase of packing materials, disassembly of furniture, finding a reliable car, and more.

If you have never moved, this article will tell you about how moving takes place, what you need to know about them in advance, in which cases you will definitely need help and how to prepare so that everything goes quickly and without unnecessary nerves.

Article content:

1. When you may need professional help

2. When moving a whole house, apartment, cottage

3. When the office move

4. If you need to move a lot of furniture

5. If a lot of household appliances

6. If, in general, there is no time to organize and carry out the move

7. Professional removals in the U.S.

8. How to order a move

9. Reliable help with your move

When you may need professional help moving

Moving assistance is needed by almost everyone – companies, families, people on business trips, those who are buying a home in a new house, etc. Let’s list the most relevant cases of moving, which you can only do with professional help – and also describe what services are performed by professional movers and why it’s not possible for an ordinary person.

When moving the whole house, apartment, or cottage.

You will need help here because of the volume of things. The more rooms and people live in the house, the more items and furniture you have, and the longer you will have to pack and load everything. At a minimum, you’ll have to hire at least a truck to move it all and, at a maximum, a team of movers. In addition, the whole story of the move drags on for days and weeks if you pack your things. But if you ask for help with moving house, even the most significant move (if, for example, the family consists of 4-6 people) moving company will help organize it in one day. All you need is to order in advance, and you can not even prepare – do not spend time collecting things and buying materials for packing, and continue to live everyday life and do their usual things.

Office moving.

Because of the volume of things, and even more so office equipment and furniture, you need help to cope. And to involve all employees is not very good – it is a loss of working time and generally not a good idea for a decent company. Therefore, when moving the office, the company’s management should always find a reliable carrier. This company will take care of all the hassle of driving while the employees are engaged in their work duties. In addition, movers can easily cope with a large volume of office furniture and equipment, will make a plan for unloading, and even help arrange desks and equipment in the new place.

If you need to move a lot of furniture.

After all, it involves its disassembly and a considerable volume! Look at your couch. Then take a look at yourself. Then the sofa again. “Unreal,” – you say, and you’d be right. You can’t move furniture by yourself, and that’s okay (especially when there’s a lot of it). Nobody wants to ruin his back, so for the transportation of oversized furniture is better to call a team of professional movers.

If there are a lot of household appliances

Especially large! Refrigerators, freezers, washing machines and dryers, a lot of things in the kitchen – in life, we acquire equipment, without which there is no way! And everything would be fine, but only when you move do things become exorbitant. And technology has an important nuance: it must be packed according to specific rules and especially carefully loaded. For example, the refrigerator should not be tilted, and the washing machine must be properly disconnected from the hoses, drain all the water, fix the drum, etc. In addition, the refrigerator can not fit into the truck – you must always measure it in advance (remember that lying down to transport it can not, otherwise it will break).

If, in general, there is no time to organize and carry out the move

Help with relocation in America is especially needed because people do not have time to organize their apartment move. More often than not, time is an issue: people work with busy schedules, and it is better if their activity takes up to one day. However, with your hands, it is impossible to cope in one day – the preparation alone will take 1-2 weeks. Why? Very simple:

  • You need to find and buy packing materials (1 day);
  • to do an audit of all the things (1 day);
  • Disassemble furniture and pack household appliances (1 day);
  • Collect all the things and pack them in boxes (1 day);
  • Find and order a reliable car (this should be done a week or a week and a half before the move);
  • Prepare the new house for the move (documents, keys, internet, cleaning);
  • Sell or give away all the unnecessary things that are left after the revision (half a week to a week);
  • Plus, the move will take at least two days (rarely, when you can move all the things, furniture, and appliances in one day).

Professional Moving in the USA

If you value your nerves and time, the best option is to go straight to the professionals – Fireball North America Inc. After all, Fireball North America is an American company that organizes moves of all kinds in a turnkey format. The format of the “turnkey” means that all the nuances are already included in the service, and you do not have to do anything yourself. For example, movers come straight to your place with packing materials (no need to search and buy them), take apart your furniture, packing household appliances. In general – I do everything for you and more.

Who is a mover? A person who knows everything about moving. Not only understands but also knows how: to disassemble complex and bulky furniture, pack any items, see the order of loading and unloading things, etc. For example, Fireball North America. team has a team of 3 movers – each of them knows how to drive, pack, unpack and do it all as neatly as possible. And the movers are also very friendly and helpful – even if something doesn’t go according to plan, they will always help solve the problem.

How to order a move

By any convenient way: phone, through our social networks, or via a form on the website. We will call you or report all the details: date, time, and cost, and answer your questions. The price depends on the volume of items and the remoteness of the addresses from each other. Payment occurs after you have received the service.

Reliable assistant in your relocation.

Never hesitate to request assistance when relocating: more often than not, people turn to friends and come to us – because they don’t know all the nuances that only professionals know. Fireball North America assists in moving apartments, offices, cottages, and country houses, and we will gladly help you too! Need to move? Just email them as a friend, and we’ll respond right away. Fireball North America is always ready to help. Of course, we wish this article found you before you’re exhausted on your move, but even so, it’s always possible to come to us for help!

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