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Reasons to Design Your Soap Packaging Boxes Wholesale

Reasons to Design Your Soap Packaging Boxes Wholesale

Soap is an important product that keeps the body clean. It’s also great for aromatherapy. Custom Soap Boxes come in all shapes and sizes of soap bars. They’re all designed for the hygiene protection of the soap bar itself.

Best Material for Soap Packaging Boxes Wholesale

The best material for Soap Packaging Boxes Wholesale is paperboard. This type of board is made from wood or other organic fibers. It may contain a percentage of recycled fiber content. 

  • It’s very durable
  • Has high moisture resistance
  • Provides good protection to the contents inside
  • Prevents external damage from occurring
  • Allows proper ventilation for freshness
  • It is 100% recyclable
  • Uses less packaging material compared to its alternatives

Paperboard also offers various products, including corrugated boxes that can be created in bulk quantities at low costs. On the one hand, some qualities make it a preferable option. In contrast, some others cause it to lose some aspects when placed against stiff competition from new materials. For example:

  • PET/PE laminated plastic like boards 
  • Composite high density fiberboard

Let us discuss in detail the benefits of choosing paperboard for soap packaging boxes, along with a few other factors that you must consider before making a final decision.

What is Paperboard?

Paperboard is a stiff but thin material made of cellulose fibers obtained from trees. It’s composed of 98% or more pulp. It can vary in thickness depending on what its makers intend to use. Common types of paperboard include 

  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Chipboard
  • Kraft paper
  • Grease resistant board
  • Stationery grade board

Applications for Paperboard Packaging Boxes

There are two main qualities of paperboard for commercial purposes that make them stand out from all other types of packaging material. 

  1. First, they can be produced easily in bulk quantities, significantly reducing unit costs. This makes them a cheap alternative to plastic or other materials. They offer more protection and cannot produce in mass easily due to fabrication issues.
  1. Second, it’s a recyclable product. Once you’re done using it for your purposes, you can recycle it without any additional costs attached. Companies deal with this by paying for collection services. Recycling facilities exist where the boxes are recycled into the new board or tissue fibers.

Soap Packaging Boxes Material Selection

There are two main things to consider for soap packaging boxes before choosing a material.

  1. protecting the soap from external threats 
  2. Showing off the product properly

Paperboard can meet both of these essentials smoothly due to its protective nature. It’s also not too thick. So, it should easily fit through any standard size mail slot or bin.

Advantages of Paperboard Packaging Boxes for Soap

The protective properties mentioned above are a big advantage that paperboard provides over its choices. It protects delicate products such as bars of soap. They can easily break if they bump into each other inside a corrugated carton during shipping. Other benefits include:

Low Cost

In bulk quantities, paperboard boxes cost less than any other packaging material. They make them ideal for companies and brands that regularly ship out many products.

High Strength To Weight Ratio

This property allows paperboard to transport easily anywhere globally without paying extra fuel or other resources.

100% Recyclable 

There’s no need to worry about disposal problems. After using one box, you can recycle it into new paperboard or even tissue fiber.

Resistance against Moisture, Water, and Other Liquids 

Paperboard is naturally resistant to any liquid. It won’t get damaged during shipping if the contents inside leak for some reason. It makes them suitable for sensitive items such as soap and shampoo bars.

Allow Proper Ventilation

Like with the insulation property, this quality prevents external threats like mildew or fungus from accumulating inside the box.

Reasons to Design Your Printed Soap Boxes

1. Soap Boxes Are Cheaper

As most soap companies do, a box is always cheaper than a carton, especially if you’re importing them from abroad. And this goes for boxes of all types. It may be the style you prefer. There’s no way around it. Boxes are cheaper than cartons!

2. Soap Packaging Boxes Display Your Product Better

Printed Soap Boxes are so much more than just protecting your product. It should:

  • Communicate the value of what’s inside
  • Help brands stand out from their competitors
  • Strengthen customer relationships
  • Boost sales

What else could you ask for? That’s exactly why you should always choose printed boxes instead of unprinted ones. A good box design will catch more attention and increase sales, just like we said!

3. Soap Packaging Boxes Are More Efficient

Boxes are easier to ship. They can fit through narrower aisles and doorways and take up less storage space. They also require less workforce during production. It turns into lower prices for you in the end. It’s a win-win situation!

4. Carton Printing Sucks (But We’ve Got You Covered)

Now and then, some customers want to print on their soap packaging instead of the usual soapboxes. That’s when they disappoint. The customer might get better results by printing their cartons on specialized printers. It would be pretty much impossible to print high quality custom soap boxes using a cheap printer!

5. Soap Packaging Boxes Make Your Product More Special

A fancy soapbox is like a cherry on top of your sundae. It makes your product look more special while boosting its perceived value at the same time. If you sell luxury handmade soaps or natural beauty products, you should know this by now! The things customers care about are quality, style, and originality. You’ll find all three in high end packaging designs! That’s why you should invest in custom boxes now, not later.

6. Soap Packaging Boxes Are A Better Choice 

Printed packaging is the obvious choice for companies. It gives them the freedom to create unique designs that suit their style and business values the best! That’s what they’re paying for a beautiful box to brand their company name or logo! It also makes things easier during production since there are no folding lines to worry about. 

So, to recap: 

  • Soap packaging boxes are cheaper than cartons
  • They display your product better
  • You’d need fewer resources for production and shipping
  • They’re easier to store and ship
  • They make your products stand out from your competitors

Lastly, Soap Boxes wholesale look more professional, anyway! If that’s not a good reason to get yourself some custom soap boxes, we don’t know what is!