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Many times you have found that sense of working with enough content that you usually publish on social networks, but you have not gotten the results you expect , right?

So the question that goes through your mind is; How does Instagram decide what is going to appear first? Why do many publications get more visits than others? What criteria does Instagram use to be able to show its posts in the browsing tab?

Simply, how does the Instagram algorithm work ?


Simple, Instagram is not only going to have an algorithm that supervises what all users do. In fact, it uses a variety of algorithms and classifiers and processes but all working towards a very specific goal.

The key to this is to use the maximum technology in networks in order to personalize the user experience. At the time of conception, Instagram was simply a platform that showed you the photographs in a chronological way. And BestFollowers.Uk is the best site to buy Instagram followers in Uk.

As it was perfected in 2016, it was realized that users did not give them the time to see up to 70% of the publications that their contacts made.

For this reason, it was necessary to develop a feed or start that classified the publications in order of importance. So both the tab feed as the same explore the reels will use the proprietary algorithm but adapted to their use. Individually being Instagram algorithm in 2021.


In recent years, a lot has been heard about theories or hypotheses about what Instagram values ​​and what not . We have taken care of collecting first-hand information to discard and point out their myths:

Instagram fails to hide posts .

With this we want to tell you that when you slide the feed, all those made by the users or the accounts you follow will come out. Business-type accounts must not have any additional presence in the same feed .

Stories and direct or IGTV are neither favored nor penalized .

As well as the videos and the rest of the images, the location in the feed will be determined more than anything by the level of participation and that it is tracked at all times in real time.

Instagram does not actually penalize those who upload content several times throughout the day. At most, if it does it fleetingly in the same day, then the Instagram algorithm will change to other content in these publications.

In conclusion; Instagram does not get to penalize anyone for using hashtags consistently or for posting frequently, or anything else that can be considered “excessive . “

It is programmed to be able to first show the publications that have to be much more relevant .


In general, the same feed or stories have to be those places where the user wants to see the content of friends and family. As well as the social network itself; There are 5 factors that will be key when influencing the Instagram algorithm:

1. Interests.

We can come to think that the feed that the publications will show us is based in a unique way on those users that we follow. Although it can be based on those accounts and publications that have historically come to like.

The algorithm will believe that the more we like a certain publication, the more it will appear in our feed .

Basically, what we get to see on Instagram is the combined reflection of how we behave with the platform .

2. Commitment

The most important interactions for this Instagram algorithm have to do with engagement. That is, with the participation of the people . The interactions must be important and the ones that the publication algorithm takes into account are:

Number of comments .

Number of likes.

Shared amount.

Number of views in the videos.

3. Relationships with other Users

The platform will seek to prioritize the publications of the accounts that generate interest. For this to be able to do so, it takes into account the interactions with other users and thus detect which ones have to be the closest.

As if it were an attempt to calculate a relationship , this together with the level of interest, following someone, interacting , monitoring how you get to relate to another account.

4. Better hours when uploading content.

The Instagram algorithm not only pays attention to the participation that the publications will have, but it will also analyze the image publication time.

It cares about the time frame and will try to display the latest content.

5. Number of users that you happen to follow.

Last but not least, we have that the more users you follow, the greater the number of publications to choose from that it will present to us. It is very likely that we will not be able to see all of them.

This occurs with the frequency of its use. If you visit Instagram with a certain frequency, then the feed will be chronological. Since this platform will try to show the best publications regarding the last visit.

And that’s all. With this, you will be able to have a clear idea of ​​how the algorithms work on Instagram and how it influences our behavior on the social network instead of thinking that everything you do is simply wrong.