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5 Flatbed Equipment That Will Make Hauling Easier

Flatbed Equipment

Cargo transport occurs on a daily basis. With various sorts of trucks and trailers going about carrying heavy equipment and other large-size cargo, one thing comes to mind: the safety of the drivers, cargo, and every motorist that passes by. The shipping business has seen several modifications throughout the years as technology has advanced.

Shipping businesses have implemented various systems and provided training to their employees in order to enhance internal procedures and competencies. However, individuals must remember that in order for a single shipment of products to be effective, the cargo must be secured as flawlessly as possible to prevent road accidents. Multiple pieces of equipment and accessories are placed before a truck even departs to brace, secure, and tie down the goods on its flatbed trailer.

What Exactly Is a Flatbed Trailer?

Before we showcase some of the equipment and accessories used to make cargo transit simpler and safer, we must first provide an overview of flatbed trailer deliveries. A flatbed trailer is essentially a long platform, generally constructed of steel, that is linked to a vehicle or semi-truck. It is used to move big machinery, building materials, shipping containers, and other huge machines.

A flatbed trailer is typically 5 feet above the ground and can haul tall items up to 8’4″ in height. It is permissible to carry freight weighing up to 48,000.00 lbs. Its length may range from 20′ to 53′ depending on the trailer utilized. There is a tremendous deal of significance in protecting cargo which may include towering heavy gear. The Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) has established rules to ensure travel safety, which may be found in National Safety Code (NSC) Standard 10 – Cargo Securement.

Accessories for Flatbed Trucks

In addition to these cargo security criteria, the leading shipping firms utilize the following 5 accessories to ensure safe and easy transport.

Tarpaulin Cover/Sheet (Tarp)

Tarps that most people envision are made of plastic or canvas. Steel tarps are becoming more popular, despite the fact that they are usual. Polyethylene is used to make this sort of tarp. It is regarded as one of the most useful attachments for securing goods to the trailer. This kind is renowned to be waterproof, which makes driving simpler since cargo becoming spoiled due to rapid changes in weather becomes less of a concern. A steel tarp also protects the goods from ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which is an added benefit.

Strap for a winch

This strap is used to secure the goods. It has a high tensile strength since it is a fastener. It is essential to choose a high-quality winch strap since this influences its likelihood of breaking when the trailer is moving and experiencing strong vibrations.

Chains and Chain Organizers

A combination of chains and binders is the superior choice for tying down big equipment and machinery. These are not prone to ripping, making them ideal for use against the sharp edges of heavy machinery.

Corner/Edge Guard

With the amount of vibration and pressure that occurs during flight, there will always be friction between the cargo and the straps that keep them in place. The straps are constantly scratched as a result of this friction, which cannot be prevented even if the straps are of the best quality. The amount of wear and tear over time might cause the strap to break, which is harmful when in transportation. Corner protectors are inserted between the corners of the cargo and the straps that contact these corners to avoid this.

Chain Tire

During the winter season, much of Canada is known to get snow. Snowy roadways make it difficult for vehicles and trailers to haul hefty goods. Tire chains are used to offer more traction under this road condition to prevent the tyres from sliding. Snow chains are even compulsory in certain locations for increased safety while traveling.

Cargo is kept secure and safe using flatbed products.

When moving large freight, road safety is critical. To guarantee cargo safety, shipping firms spend much on cargo securement flatbed products and accessories. They must not only ensure the safety of people and motorists, but they must also ensure that the cargo is not damaged. If you need to move goods, you should attempt to inquire about the shipping businesses’ cargo-securing procedures.

Include in your inquiry the tools and equipment they are using, as well as the brands if feasible, so that you may do more study on these flatbed products. It is ideal if you determine for yourself if you can trust the organization with your property. So, if you need any goods carried, please call Flatbed Equipment INC at 888-761-8751, since we promise to utilize only the greatest equipment and tools available.