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30 Best Foundation in Pakistan for every Skin


A great Best Foundation in Pakistan should offer a coverage that is buildable, beautiful, doesn’t block your pores or cause lines, is suitable for different types of skin and lasts all day long.

A Best foundation in Pakistan mainly available in a wide range of shades to suit various shades. Through my years of testing, I’ve found my favourite foundations and selecting them was easy because there are several foundations that exceed my expectations.

As I’ve mentioned, all of these foundations for makeup are suitable for all types of skin. While a lot of them are liquid foundations I have a few in powder makeup foundations which are exceptional and that’s why they were included on this best 30 foundation in Pakistan List. Foundations can also vary in price to suit your budget.

Full coverage List of Best Foundation in Pakistan. In a world where every magazine is promoting makeup-free, dewy or no-makeup looks Full coverage women may be left feeling unnoticed. Don’t worry, as there are still excellent foundations that are full coverage available to help you. With all the latest technologies available Full coverage doesn’t require a caked-on look. The method you apply your foundation can define your appearance So make sure to blend your hair to give your face a stunning airbrushed look.

Best Foundation in Pakistan for Daily wear

Now, it’s time to find your perfect match among the best foundations in Pakistan for daily wear from the below list.

1- Maybelline Fit Matte is one of the Best Foundation in Pakistan

Maybelline Fit Matte is one of the Best Foundation in Pakistan

Maybelline Fit Matte is consider as one of the best foundation in Pakistan. There are numerous reviews and filled with praise. The reviews praise its diverse shade selection (it includes 40 different shades) as well as its lasting and smoothing capabilities. While it does have matte finishes and can cover up blemishes fast however, it won’t make your face appear like a plaster. It’s also very affordable.

2- Concealer Plus Foundation in Pakistan Clinique Beyond Perfecting

Concealer Plus Foundation in Pakistan

This Clinique foundation is a concealer in one! It’s a great, creamy, light formula that hydrates your skin and enhances natural beauty, while also providing a beautiful texture. This Clinique brand foundation in Pakistan will stay put even when you sweat as well as caught in an humid storm.

3- Estee Lauder for Daily wear Foundation in Pakistan

Foundation in Pakistan

If you’re planning to go for an event or are taking a trip that requires lots of photographs think about this full-coverage method. This Estee Lauder foundation in Pakistan is durable and ideal for occasions like weddings and Daily wear “But make sure to apply a moisturizer and it will become more slender suitable for wear every day.”

(Try any of the moisturizing products for people with oily skin to find the perfect one.) Even though this foundation offers full coverage it’s not acne-causing, which means it won’t cause clogging of pores. It’s also oil-free , and has a matte finish making it ideal for those who get oily in the middle of the day.

4- Fenty Beauty Foundation in Pakistan


Every Girl deserve an excellent foundation in Pakistan. The matte appearance of Fenty Beauty is a smooth, shiny finish foundation that leaves skin without appearing chalky or dry. It also has climate-adaptive technology that makes it humidity-resistant, so it stands up to even the hottest summer days.

5- Girls Favourite Best Foundation in Pakistan LUSCIOUS

5- Girls Favourite Best Foundation in Pakistan by LUSCIOUS

Camera Stick Foundation in Pakistan by Luscious Cosmetics It is another great foundation available to Pakistanis. It’s not only worthwhile but also affordable since you can purchase it at a price of the range of 1850 rupees.

The foundation offers a full coverage for your face. a flawless look. It’s smooth and easy to apply. It hides imperfections such as wrinkles and spots, but it comes with a disadvantage that it makes the faces of those with oily skin appear cakey. Additionally, it causes the face of people who have dry skin look patchy after a few hours of application.

6- Best Foundation in Pakistan Kryolan

Best Foundation in Pakistan Kryolan

The kryolan old-fashioned TV paint stick lasts for quite a while. Please keep in mind that liquid foundations are designed for daily wear and moderate or low coverage. On the other hand, stick foundations are used to provide complete coverage. I hope that this article will assist many girls in search of affordable and Best Foundations in Pakistan.

7- Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions

If you’re susceptible to breakouts, acne creams as well as concealers will likely be an essential in your cosmetics arsenal. However, it’s essential to ensure that your foundation is working for your skin too. “This best foundation in Pakistan contains salicylic acid that helps remove blemishes,” claims Hess. “It is also blended, which is essential for those treating acne.” In the end, you don’t want your makeup to sit on pimples or drawing focus on them. You need it to blend seamlessly over the pimples. Make sure to apply your foundation using an cosmetic brush to prevent transferring the oil that you apply with your fingers to the face. This could possibly cause breakouts.

8- NYX Professional Available Foundation in Pakistan

Available Foundation in Pakistan

The name of the product says it all It’s one of the top long-wear available foundation in Pakistan. With over 6,600 5-star rating reviews on Amazon There are very serious fans of this product. This is because the formula is light, but doesn’t change regardless of what you do. It’s even waterproof! “It won’t get smudged or rub off your clothing,” says one reviewer who scored it with a high score noting the product doesn’t dry her skin. A bonus is that it costs just $10. Talk about a bargain and also this is one of the Best Foundation in Pakistan available at cheap price.

9- Effective Best Foundation in Pakistan Rimmel Stay Matte

Effective Best Foundation in Pakistan

Are you looking for the most effective foundation in Pakistan which is available at drugstores? This foundation is smooth and blends like an expensive foundation would.” It’s light that leaves skin looking matte but doesn’t leave it looking rough or dry. And , it’s durable. You don’t become shiny for the duration of the day! Did we mention that it’s priced under $3? You can’t really go wrong. On days when you wish to stay clear of foundation These self-tanners will also provide you with a the sun-free glow you’ve always wanted.

10- Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation

Makeup Forever Ultra HD

If you’ve got combination skin and have oily skin, you’ll enjoy this foundation. Allure Magazine named it a Reader’s Choice Award Winner in the year 2017. Make Up For Ever has an enviable reputation for providing one of the highest-quality makeup products available that are available and this certainly extends to this incredible foundation. It’s designed to look natural, and hold the shine of the T-zone at bay, and is among the longest-lasting foundations that are available today.

Best Foundation in Pakistan for oily skin

Using the best foundation for you oily skin is a complete game changer. Below is the list of Best foundation in Pakistan for oily skin tyep.

1- Wet n Wild Best Foundation in Pakistan for oily skin

Wet n Wild Best Foundation in Pakistan for oily skin

Wet and Wild Photo focus foundation in Pakistan for oily skin is ideal for those who enjoy taking lots of photos. Although this foundation appears amazing on the skin , it looks more beautiful when photographed. The matte, soft finish lasts all day, and you’ll end up looking stunning all day long!

2- Oily Skin Foundation Stay Matte Liquid Mousse

Oily Skin Foundation Stay Matte

A light, durable foundation that is oil-free and lightweight. This foundation by Rimmel manages the shine, blurs pores and blends effortlessly for flawless application “It’s my only foundation that I’ve tried which maintains my matte throughout the day long without dry. The appearance is flawless, and it has an airbrushed appearance. It’s definitely a full coverage and Best Foundation in Pakistan for oily skin.

3- Maybelline Superstay 24-H Liquid Full-Coverage Foundation

Maybelline Superstay 24-H Liquid Full-Coverage

This oil-free, lightweight foundation is perfect for skin that is oily. It’s Maybelline Superstay claims to be an all-day, long-lasting liquid foundation that is suitable for skin with oily blemishes with a formula that lasts for a long time and is extremely light and gentle on your skin.

4- Foundation in Pakistan Loreal Infallible 24H Matte

Foundation in Pakistan Loreal Infallible 24H Matte

The L’Oreal Infallible 24 hours Matte Cover is classic and Best Foundation in Pakistan for oily skin! It lasts 24 hours with the promised matte coverage . It also offers your skin natural, smooth, and skin-like look. The serum’s ultra-blurring effect and smoothing powders are among the most waterproof foundations available in Pakistan and also delivers high-pigment. This foundation is sweat-proof heat-proof, transfer-proof and water-proof, while with SPF-18 to keep your skin protected from damaging sunlight radiation. What more could you ask for?

5- Best Foundation in Pakistan L.A Girl PRO Matte

L.A Girl PRO Matte

Its L.A Girl Pro Matte Foundation in Pakistan offers a suede-like look that’s not cakey but smooth and beautiful on the skin. If you’re looking for an emollient formula that will make you shine-free for the entire day and offers a buildable coverage to create seamless night-time and day-time appearances it’s the one for you! Its paraben-free formula, packed with amazing ingredients such as B5, E and sunflower oil, it is sure provide nourishment to your skin and help keep your pores slender. For those with older skin, you’ll find that this product works effectively for them, as it won’t clog the fine lines and remains soft to the face!

Best Foundation in Pakistan For Special Occasion

There is always so much talk around occasion, what you should/shouldn’t do, what to wear and what not to wear. So I thought I would give my opinion from experience on the best foundation in Pakistan for occasions.

1- Best Foundation in Pakistan for Occasions Huda Beauty Faux Filter Matte

Best Foundation in Pakistan for Occasions Huda Beauty Faux Filter Matte

Huda Beauty is a well-known name in the world of makeup. The Faux filter makeup is the perfect dream for all those who want full coverage. The formula that is not cakey is extremely long-lasting, waterproof and sweat proof. It is transfer-proof, sweat proof and humidity-proof, and can keep you covered all day and night, regardless of the weather! This foundation in Pakistan is best for occasions and parties.

2- Most Effective Foundation in Pakistan Mac Face

Mac Face & Body Foundation

Mac’s Face & Body Foundation is absolutely one of the most effective foundation in Pakistan and easily available in the market. It’s light, and breathable, which makes it a genius. It grows without ever appearing cakey. It is a satin-like finish that is pleasing if desire a subtle glow, but without the greasiness.

3- Born this way

Born this way

This foundation in Pakistan which name Born this way is popular this year. The oil-free and high-coverage foundation provides excellent coverage, without making the skin appear as if it’s cakey. It comes in many shades and features a beautiful satin finish. It can appear oily after a couple of hours when you have oily skin, so ensure that you finish with a translucent powder.

4- Mac Studio fix Easy Available Foundation in Pakistan

Mac Studio fix-foundation

This foundation in Pakistan makes you appear like the doll. Most often used by makeup artists for special occasions It has a stunning coverage and lasts for hours. It tends to be patchy when you have dry skin , so it’s recommended to moisturise and prim your skin prior to applying. A small amount of this foundation will go quite a distance, and one bottle can last forever.

Best Foundation in Pakistan for Dry skin

I tested many options, to see which could hide imperfections on my parched skin without looking like a heavy layer of spackle. Read on to see best foundation in Pakistan for Dry Skin.

1- Best Foundation in Pakistan for dry skin Bourjois Healthy Mix

Best Foundation in Pakistan for dry skin

Bourjois’ Healthy Mix foundation in Pakistan for dry skin has a radiant finish and is brimming with vitamins C, E , and B5, which have been created to provide skin with an immediate ‘anit-fatigue’ effect. This means that even if you’re very tired and depressed you won’t notice it up.

2- Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation for Dry Skin

Foundation for Dry Skin

The soft mousse foundation blends in with the skin easily to give smooth, flawless finish. It is awash in polymer silicone technology, it provides an un weighty feel and doesn’t make a mess, so there’s no chance of becoming dry patches. This one is the best one if you have a dry skin.

3- Best Foundation in Pakistan Anastasia Beverly Hills luminous

Best Foundation in Pakistan Anastasia Beverly Hills luminous

Luminescent skin foundation, a product that claims – among other things that it is gluten-free, vegan and non-comedogenic. It is also long-lasting and tested by an ophthalmologist.

The sight of the glass bottle with”foundation “foundation” inscribed across it. However, we learned Anastasia’s child Norvina (who serves as the president of ABH) stated that the reason for this was to ensure that makeup artists and people who are in a hurry can locate the bottle easily among other items.

The product is of moderately absorbed and gives the appearance of a slight glow. However those who have pronounced lines should ensure that your skin is properly moisturized and well-groomed, since it is common to let this product be absorbed into wrinkles.

4- L’Oreal Paris True Match Liquid Classified as Best Foundation in Pakistan

L'Oreal Paris True Match Liquid Foundation

If we’re on a tight budget or not it’s the L’Oreal Paris True Match Liquid which is classified as Best Foundation in Pakistan with SPF & Hyaluronic Acid is our preferred choice for lightweight coverage that can stand the wear and tear of. Their extensive shade selection allows all skin types for you to find the perfect shade, while the infusion of with hyaluronic acid, the skin is surrounded with a nourishing layer of softness.

The foundation is fantastic. Although we aren’t able to review the potential of a 24-hour wear, it was extremely even after 8 hours.

Best foundations in Pakistan for Normal Skin

1- Huda Beauty Faux Filter Skin Finish Buildable Coverage Foundation Stick

Huda Beauty Faux Filter Skin Finish Buildable Coverage

Huda Beauty have sent shockwaves across the beauty world through its FauxFilter Skin Finish buildable Foundation Stick and with great reason! The skin-enhancing foundation comes in a wide range of shades. It also offers an array of olive-hued formulas for people who have a golden tan.

2- Shiseido Synchro self-refreshing foundation SPF30

Shiseido Synchro self-refreshing foundation SPF30

Shiseido claim that their shade ranges are “inspired by the skin” which means that users can expect a perfect shade match. It’s true. We were extremely impressed by the amazing shade selection that includes 30 colors that range from light to deep.

The foundation is infused with all the Japanese beauty wisdom that is typical of Shiseido. We tested it for eight hours and from the time of first application until the time of removal, the foundation didn’t change. It maintained the skin’s appearance soft and hydrated, while giving moderate coverage.

If you have dry skin, you could want to ensure they’re adequately moisturized before applying any creams or lotions since it is prone to stick to dry areas. For people with typical to oily or normal skin,, this

3- Best Foundation in Pakistan Dior Skin Forever Undercover

Best Foundation in Pakistan

The ultimate, foundation that is guaranteed to last that is the DIOR Diorskin Forever Undercover Full Coverage offers an extremely long-lasting finish that can endure the toughest of conditions. The full coverage finish hides the appearance of rough blemishes and discolouration and dark circles as well as other impurities , resulting in flawless skin that won’t fail you. We recommend this as your perfect nighttime foundation! Explore more foundations that are pigmented by reading our roundup of the most effective foundations with full coverage.

4- Ciate London Extraordinary Radiant Buildable Liquid Foundation

Ciate London Extraordinary Radiant Buildable Liquid Foundation

Sometimes, we need a foundation that is diverse and allows you to achieve an natural glow, along with a complete cover of glam. Ciate London Extraordinary Radiant Buildable Liquid Foundation Ciate London Extraordinary Radiant Buildable Liquid provides us with the ability to build a pigment that is suited to all occasions which makes it a essential for beginners and professionals alike.

5- Best Foundation in Pakistan Burt’s Bees Glows

Best Foundation in Pakistan Burt's Bees Glows

Teenage skin needs an easier, gentler formulation that won’t cause any breakouts. The solution? It’s Burt’s BeesExclusive Goodness Glows Liquid Foundation. This natural foundation has an extremely vitamin-rich formula created using natural pigments which means that skin types with younger age can benefit the most from the foundations.

Chose Right Foundations for Your skin tone

In the context of makeup, the skin tones can be classified into three categories: Tone, Red Tone tones, Orange tone as well as yellow tones. A fair skin tone that has pink undertones is known as Red tone. The combination of yellow and red tone is known as Orange complexion tone. The slightly yellow but light tone is referred to by the name of yellow. Women are often unaware about their ideal skin tone and often purchase the incorrect foundation whether it’s too dark or light. It should be noted that they have a warm tones or cool ones. Warm tone has a yellow undertone while cool has a pink undertone.

To choose the right colour of foundations pick three shades that match the type of skin tone you prefer. The yellow shade of Foundations will suit all skin types and creates a the appearance of natural. Fair and cool toned skin should opt for the light pink shade of foundations, as the this shade can make skin appear pale. For testing, place a tiny amounts of foundations to your the jaw line and blend it thoroughly, If it doesn’t create a fake appearance, the shade is perfect for you skin’s tone. You can choose and purchase the foundation and brand name from Amazon online shopping in Pakistan.

BEST FOUNDATION IN PAKISTAN Frequently asked questions

Q1 Do you prefer liquid foundation than liquid foundation for skin with oil?

Women are always looking for ways to getting their complete coverage makeup products that match their skin tone. Liquid Foundation however, can be classified as unsuitable for those with oily skin. So those seeking alternatives for oily skin, the research suggests that if you’re using Liquid foundation, then you should opt for a Matte version and it will last for longer in your face. Matte foundations are among the ideal products for skin that is oily during the summer too.

If your skin is too matte, you need apply only one layer of foundations for oily skin. It is effective.

Q2 Which foundations is the best for oily skin?

The top foundations for oily skins is not all that many, there are numerous foundations that are rated as the top for oily skins. these are the most effective foundations for oily skin however, we could list a few of the top foundations that are suitable for oily skin:

Ever Mat Velvet

Bare Minerals Matte Foundation SPF 15

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Matte Foundation

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Makeup

Maybelline Make Me Fit! Matte

Lorac Perfection Foundation

Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation

Q3 Does the primer prevent oily, flaky skin?

There is a lot of research that suggests primers are beneficial for those with oily skin. They provide you with get rid of oil and, for this, you need to allow the primer absorb completely on your skin prior to applying your foundation. It will assist you in achieving get rid of oily skin tone or make-up.

Q4 Can I apply foundations on a regular basis?

If you’d like to do so, you are able to. To prevent breakouts from happening ensure you cleanse (or double cleanse) to get rid of any leftover debris.

Q5 Do you prefer using either a brush or sponge to apply foundations?

Both are suitable to apply foundations. Brushes offer more intense coverage, and tend to absorb more makeup than sponges. However, the damp sponge gives the most natural look. It all comes down to your foundation’s formula, as well as the level of coverage and finish you’re seeking.

Q6 What is a hydrating foundations?

These foundations can enhance your beauty routine, while keeping your skin healthy. … The most effective hydrating foundations provide the appearance of a smooth look with a hefty amount of moisture that will keep your skin beautiful and soft.

Q7 Is Serum foundations good for Dry skin?

Foundations with serums work perfect for all types of skin however, they are particularly beneficial for those who are thirsty or dry. Because of their extremely moisturizing properties, they can help fight signs of dehydration, such as dullness and flakiness, leaving your skin looking fresh and radiant.

Q8 How can I prevent my foundation from flaking?

4 Ways To Handle Flaky Best Foundations

Opt for a creamy, gentle cleanser.

Make the switch to a moisturizing cream that is more rich.

Cleanse The Flakes Absorb.

Choose a moisturizing foundation.